READ HER MIND- Post Office Lady Goes CRAZY!

Watch Matthew Furman Magician perform MIND BLOWING MAGIC and MENTALISM. See Matthew reading minds and the crazy reactions he gets.
Amazing street magic and mind magic by the best magician with the best magic ever. 
Matt Furman specializes in sleight of hand magic, mind reading magic, sleight of hand tricks, card tricks magic, mind freak magic, and sleight of hand card tricks.
The greatest magicians alive say the best magicians are street magicians with the best sleight of hand magic tricks. Matthew Furman is a professional close up magician and has over 20 years experience performing close up magic.
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Great magicians agree that you will see the best magic trick at a sleight of hand magic show. 
If you watch great magicians videos you will see magicians perform. Many consider Matthew Furman to be the world best magician and the best magician ever.
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READ HER MIND- Post Office Lady Goes CRAZY!
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Best magician in the world-

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